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Extended DISC

A tool used to determine the dominating Behavioural style.  Extended DISC can also be used in Coaching as one of its psychometric tools.

The concept of this tool comes from Finland and goes back to the work of Carl Gustav Jung, who was the first to examine the Behaviour of healthy people.  As a result of his work, the behaviour of people has been divided into 4 main styles, named: Dominance, Inducement, Su Mission and Compliance, which make up the commonly used acronym DISC.

An individual report is prepared on the basis of filling out a test (there are 24 statements, which one must arrange in order from the closest to the furthest from the beliefs and feelings of the examined person).  As a result we receive a few paged report generated by an advanced computer system.

It is also possible to apply this tool to analyse a pair of employees, a team or a 360° report.



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