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This is a Coaching process conducted with the use of available tools via the Internet (various communicators and email).  This method of conducting sessions has both followers and adversaries.  It is very likely that this method of working with clients will become more and more popular, although for sure it shall not replace traditional sessions.  Other elements taken from traditional coaching stay the same, such as the session’s structure, tools, questions, forms, etc.

Benefits of e-coaching:

Time saving

Session may take place at any time suitable

Greater anonymity

Possibly lower price

Shortcomings of e- coaching

A lack of closer relationship

Lack of possibility to precisely observe non-verbal communication

Lack of possibility to conduct a session without specialist tools (like computer, software)

Lack of possibility (or great difficulty) of working with a client using tools which require some activity.



Phone: +48 881 63 00 63

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