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Definition of coaching

There are many definitions of Coaching.  Practically all of them have the following points in common:

  1. Process – coaching consists of a few meetings in certain intervals of time,
  2. Relationship –  it is based on Trust and openness,
  3. Structure – the process and the session itself are made up of certain constant elements,
  4. Experience in The client’s field – a Coach does not necessarily have to have such experience,
  5. Area of work – coaching may look into the client’s whole life (especially in holistic coaching)
  6. Lack of advising The client discovers the best solutions for himself.

In reference to the above, we may define coaching as:

A multistage development process, for example mastering professional or personal competences in an area that the client himself wants to develop.  It is based on strengthening the client so that he may achieve greater self awareness and also take Responsibility for a particular area of his life and achieve planned changed on his own.  Coaching supports clients in becoming who they want to be.  It is based on a partner relationship and mutual Trust.

The most simple but at the same time meaningful definition is by Merylin Atkinson: Coaching is a transforming conversation.



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