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Default (undefined) goal

Default goal – this is what we call an undefined goal during a Coaching session.  This happens when a Coach thinks that he understands The client’s expectations and gives up on specifying the Criteria of the goal.  This in turn may lead to a situation, when The client had in mind something totally different to what the coach had assumed and this may endanger the accomplishment of the client’s goal.  Of course, the coaches assumptions may well be correct, but then his success depends on luck. That is why –  whenever possible –  it’s worth setting Goals basing on rational Criteria and not on coincidence and presumptions.

The reason an undefined goal occurs during a coaching session is often due to the coach’s lack of attention or training.  Sometimes though coaches are absolutely aware of the risk but still decide to work with a default goal, because their client has a big Problem with defining the session’s final result by themselves.



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