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One of the main principles of Coaching on which its effectiveness is based.  On the coach’s part, we understand confidentiality as non disclosure of any information that has been obtained from a client during The coaching process , preparation or summary phases.

This principle is of such importance, that all ethical codes in all coaching organisations refer to it, as well as it is usually included in all written contracts and oral Agreements.

The coach’s duty of confidentiality has significant consequences, mainly applying to any form of reporting of The coaching process or its effects.  Under no circumstances should the Coach have any conversations about the process and issues covered during a session with other people.  Breaking this rule has severe consequences, including the removal from the organisation to which the coach belongs. Additionally, this may effect the opinion about the coach on the market (less recommendations and co Missions) as well as, unfortunately, it may influence how coaching is perceived by potential customers.

The duty of confidentially applies also to any written reports prepared after the coaching process has finished.



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