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Coaching friends and relatives

Coaches avoid having sessions with people with whom they are in a close relationship.  Usually, such a process has little value, for three main reasons: emotional involvement, unconscious influencing and a different perception.

The first factor does not allow the Coach to keep a suitable emotional distance.  It may even be the case that he will act too emotionally.  Since the Coachee is a person the coach is close with, he wants their development so much, that it may sometimes be difficult for the coach to control his own emotions.

Secondly, there is a certain threat that results from an unconscious tendency to influence this person so that they are “moulded” according to the coaches expectations, needs, preferences.  Coaching conversations, during which The client opens up before the coach and puts his Trust in him, create a situation when such a situation may happen.  Such actions do not fit in the coaching framework.

And finally, because the coach lives with or regularly meets this person, he possesses certain information about the Coachee , which creates an opinion the coach holds about this person. In other words, the coach knows who this person is even before The coaching process begins.  This is an element that seriously disrupts the course of the meetings, because in coaching we work on the basis of how The client perceives himself and not on our, all in all, distorted picture of whom he is.

If these three factors are eliminated, then work with a person the coach is close with is possible.



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