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Choosing a coach

We talk about choosing a Coach when  The client (sponsor) invites a few Coaches (usually between 2 and 4) for a personal meeting with the Coachee .   This is not a sample session, it is rather a meeting to get aquatinted, after which both The client and the coach make a decision about future cooperation.  Today, a great majority of coaching processes and projects begins this way.

Although seemingly pointless from the coach’s perspective, such a way of choosing a coach has many advantages, especially for coaches who themselves suggest to their clients to meet with other coaches.  After having met a few coaches, the client should choose the person who fits him best character-wise, who has a similar temperament, thinks in a similar way, who maximizes his chance for effective cooperation.  The client should choose a person, whom they feel they can open up to and Trust.   What is more, the fact that it is the client who chooses his coach, may significantly increase his motivation to work and self-develop.  This is related to one of the most important principles in coaching, that is to taking Responsibility for one’s own life (decisions, choices, etc.).   In such situations, a coach is not somebody imposed on by the company (in Business coaching), but somebody that the client has chosen for himself.



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