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Choosing a client

Alike The client, the Coach too has the right to chose the person he is going to work with.  Seldom do Coaches decline cooperation because they have rather high communication skills and are flexibile, so it is easier for them to adjust to a Coachee .  The second reason is that coaching services also adhere to the laws of he market .

The reasons a coach may decline cooperation concentrate around a few areas:

The first is different Values . The difference in such cases is so large, that the coach’s belief that the relationship will be successful is rather weak.

The second area are Goals.  Especially when they are unrealistic and The client is not open and willing to verify them, or when they are in conflict with the coach’s values.

Another important reason may be that the client does not accept generally abiding norms of Behaviour.   This is true especially in areas which are connected with the coaching code of ethics.  A good example could be making ambiguous proposals of a sexual nature.

A following reason could be a lack of feeling of compatibility on the level of characters, temperament, communication, etc.



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