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Change of beliefs

In the context of usefulness, during the phase of working to reach a target, we can divide beliefs into supporting and limiting. It is important not to treat any conviction as simply belonging to just one or the other category.  Everything depends on the type of targets The client sets himself during the Coaching process, and also on the wider context in which he functions.  Only then is it possible to assess the usefulness of a given belief and label it as being either supporting or limiting.   Of course, during the course of the meeting, we work on changing beliefs only from the second group, especially if they prevent or hamper achieving the desired result at the end of the session or process.

It is not the Coach who changes The client’s beliefs, it’s rather the transformation Environment .  Thanks to appropriate tools, first the Coachee is given the possibility to observe his limitations in perceiving reality, then he makes a decision to change, and, finally, he makes the change happen.  Every coach should have a few techniques which enable them to work effectively with limiting beliefs. It is important though, regardless of the way of changing to also include the so-called ecological change, that is any possible accompanying consequences.  This results from a systems approach to The coaching process .

It’s worth remembering that when The coaching process comes to an end and the client does not modify his limiting beliefs – most probably they will not be able to achieve the goal that they have set themselves.



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