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Benefits of coaching for an organisation

Companies which make a decision to hire a Coach (especially using the holistic approach) expect certain measurable outcomes for a particular person, team or whole organisation.  Because money is being invested into the development of an employee – a return on this investment is also expected.  Depending on a particular situation we deal with different types of benefits.  Organisations which  begin their co-operation with a Coach, first and foremost expect that the Coachee achieves his coaching Goals.

A properly performed coaching process in organisations is characterised by:

1. High effectiveness

When co-operation is established with a well chosen coach with proper qualifications (confirmed by an international certificate), it is possible for the company’s employees who participate in The coaching process to achieve effective change.  This is due to an individualised approach, which takes into account the personality, character of the profession as well as needs of the Coachee .

2. Time efficiency

On average, a coach travels to his client for 90 – 120 minute sessions once every 3 to 4 weeks.  Therefore a coachee is able to normally perform his professional duties and obligations.

3. Increasing awareness

Especially in the holistic approach, the coachee has a better understanding of what is going on in the whole organisation, as well as has a better knowledge of his own reactions.  Thanks to this he can more easily and effectively impact the increase of efficiency through interventions made in proper places of the whole system (within the extent of his responsibilities), which a company is.

4. Increasing motivation

Thanks to introducing change as well as eliminating individual obstacles (working with limiting beliefs, fears, etc.) the coachee increases his effectiveness, and what follows – his motivation improves, which in turn translates into the business Environment in which he functions.

5. Strengthening

Mainly in the areas of self esteem, but many other spheres may also be strengthened, for example – creativity, boldness in proposing new solutions or dealing with conflicts.

6. Widely understood development

By becoming aware of how he functions both at a personal and business level (for example – managing a team) and by going through change, the coachee – as an employee – more effectively reacts to everyday Challenges and is able to introduce modifications in areas, where he is responsible.

7. Long lasting effects of change

There are a few elements which influence the durability of change achieved in Business coaching.  These are:

×          The duration of the process – a few months

×          Freedom of participation (coaching is not obligatory)

×          The coachee chooses his coach himself

×          The coaching Goals are either set by coachee himself, or at least accepted by him.

What is also important, promoting change at different levels within an organisation by people who are strategically important and whose opinions matter, also translates into a better level of general development and the effectiveness of the organisation as a whole.



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